Verwonderzoek consists of Gregor Walz and Auke Witkamp. We do research in the fields of social security, diversity and human rights.

Gregor likes structure, except on Fridays. As a sociologist, he does not have the illusion of ever understanding the world, but he can ask the right questions. His desk is full of articles he will read at some point in the future. For example on discrimination, diversity and labour market issues. Good research also implies building up good relationships for him, with his clients and respondents. He lives with his girlfriend Sanneke and his daughter Franka in the Hague, ten minutes running distance from the beach.

Auke talks slowly, writes quickly. Listens… asks a question… listens… and shares his observation. He knows a lot about social security, youth and young people and diversity. Auke studied history and international relations in Groningen and Paris. Worked as a researcher at Panteia and as a freelancer before joining forces with Gregor. He lives in the Schilderswijk in the Hague with his girlfriend Geeke and his two, still young, sons (Kobus and Sami).

Together we are passionate researchers working with pride, dedication and fun. We have a combined 19 years of research experience. In these years we have learned how to carry out good research that is delivered on time. So that’s what we do. We hereby strive for balance between commitment and distance. Commitment to our clients and the target groups that are the subject of our research. Distance to reflect critically on what we hear.

If you have a research question and are curious about how we would approach it, feel free to call or e-mail us. Or if you want to know more about the studies on this website, we are happy to hear from you.